About us

OMAR Bakery

OMAR Bakery is one-person business operating on the
market for more than 25 years. The beginnings of the
bakery were based on the production of fresh bread
delivered directly to small retail customers. Over time,
the factory has been growing up, changing the profile
of its production. At present, the factory produces halfbaked
bread, which is deep-frozen and stored under
high-freezing conditions.
The bakery offers a variety of breads, breads from the
form, rolls, sandwiches and, above all, rustic hand-folded
products, which are the flagship of the OMAR Bakery.
ORGANIC products are also a rapidly growing group,
which is gaining more and more recognition in the eyes
of customers who want to lead a healthy life and want
to eat well.
The team of company does their best to offer their
customers healthy, tasty, valuable products made from
top-class natural raw materials.


Beginning of activity, production of fresh bread


Introduction of HACCP system standards


Beginning of the production of frozen bread


First participation as an exhibitor at Anuga Fair in Cologne


Commencement of production of certified organic products


Construction of own freezing warehouse


Obtaining the first BRC certificate


Construction of a new production hall with modern technological facilities


Obtaining the first IFS certificate

Our strengths

  • Flexibility in product design for individual customer needs and speed in making commercial decisions
  • A wide range of products enriched with natural rye sourdongh produced in the bakery
  • At the disposal of more than 170m² of the baking surface of a stone oven allowing to obtain products of a unique character
  • The possibility of horizontal pre cutting of products pre-preparing them for catering services
  • Manufacture of hand-folded products which gives them a unique, rustic look
  • We have ECO certificates that give us the opportunity to produce ecological products

Logo change

1993 - 2017

2017 - ...